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Quantum iLife/iNfinity Mobile App ~ On The Go Quantum Biofeedback Balancing

Transform your iPhone, iPad or Android into a premier quantum biofeedback device. The Quantum Life app is reshaping Quantum Medicine with state-of-the-art interactive software. A perfect entry tool for the Qxci, Indigo, Life System modalities. Designed for both existing quantum biofeedback practitioners and for the consumer interested in Quantum Technology. Enjoy quantum balancing on the go.

Quantum Mobile App

Normally $899

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Only $997

Quantum Scalar Wave Laser

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Quantum Scalar Wave Laser

Enjoyed by both consumers and practitioners alike, Scalar Wave Lasers also known as Quantum Wave Lasers donate photons to our cells which increases ATP production. An increase in cellular ATP Production, will result in a positive increase in cellular activity. An increase in cellular activity will speed up cellular regeneration. Incorporates scalar wave technology and surpasses the traditional Q 1000 Low Level Laser Technology. The Quantum Wave Laser is the most competitive priced laser in the industry

Normally $3500

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Only $3295

The LIFE System

Discover quantum biofeedback with The LIFE System. Compare with other bioresonance devices like The Indigo biofeedback system or the qxci, epfx quantum devices.

The Life System Biofeedback Device

Normally $14000

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Only $12000

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Alkaline Water Ionizers

Drinking alkaline ionized mineral water neutralizes acidity in the body and will slow down the aging process and increase your vitality. Learn about weightloss without the pain by drinking a high level purified alkaline water from Life Ionizers

Alkaline Water Ionizers

Normally $1150

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Only $999

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A consumer and practitioner device developed in Russia using mili wave therapy. A hand held personel wellness tool operating on the same principles as digtal homeopethy. A perfect support tool for any holistic healer...

Cem Tech Milli Wave

Normally $1500

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Only $1195

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Ozonated Olive Oil

If you or a friend suffers from any skin condition you just have to try our 100% organic medical grade oxygenated olive oil. Ozonated olive oil is applied topically for all skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis & even cuts, burns & scrapes ....

Ozonated Olive Oil

Normally $27.95

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Only $22.95

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Why Quantum Life Biofeedback?

We have sold more and trained more quantum biofeedback practitioners than any other biofeedback company in the world.
We are a dedicated Quantum Biofeedback brokerage company in business for over 15 years.
We are the only manufacturer of the Quantum Life apps, an affordable, portable holistic quantum balancing tool. Our only GOAL is to help you succeed!
Enjoy our unparalleled services in the quantum industry.
Over 90% of our sales are through word of mouth advertising.
We are the only broker to offer a full complement of training and support ranging from using the device to marketing your practice.

Over the 15 years in business we have represented many quantum biofeedback and bioresonanace devices like the QXCI, SCIO, EPFX, CoRe Inergetix, Q 1000 Low Level Laser and The Electro Interstitial Scanner ES Teck. We pride ourselves on offering unbiased information regarding the various quantum products currently on the market today. Discover the emerging field of Quantum Biofeedback and Bioresonanace with Quantum Life Biofeedback.
We are always available to help you better understand the emerging field of Quantum Biofeedback, the clinical applications and how to better market yourself as a certified biofeedback therapist.
We have the largest database of quantum practitioners in the industry available for sessions and demo's to help you understand Quantum Biofeedback and how this can help you and your family in your quest for better healthcare.

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