Quantum Mobile Applications


Quantum iNfinity App

Our Flagship Product

On The Go Quantum Balancing with The Quantum iLife/iNfinity Mobile App. Works on all iOS and Android devices. Determines your energetic disturbances by analyzing the voice and then provides corrective feedback using sacred energetic tones and signatures. Over 20 wellness panels to choose from and thousands of frequencies available. Includes the ability to create, manage and export customized libraries of frequencies. Long distance sessions use The Schuman Resonance field as the carrier wave.

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Quantum Life RIFE App

The RIFE Application is based on bija mantra core frequencies. Quantum Life RIFE Frequencies contains the entire database of all of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife's frequencies as audio signal files.

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Quantum Life Water Harmonizer

Uses audio frequencies and fractal images to harmonize any liquid. Stimulates your liquid with harmonized Solfeggio tones. Harmonizes any liquid using kaleidoscopic fractal animations. Water tastes sweet and smoother.

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Quantum Life Relationship Harmonizer

The Relationship Harmonizer is designed using an algorithm that searches for resonances in 4 different tuning systems: Temperate, Harris (4th & 5th) and Solfeggio, the main musical ratios are scanned (octave, 5th, 3rd & 4th).

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The Quanta Capsule

The Quanta Capsule is a standalone app which has the ability to import frequencies from your practitioners Quantum iLife/iNfinity App to allow at home balancing. The Quanta Capsule owner can be halfway around the world and receive immediate help and relief from their Quantum iLife/iNfinity practitioner.

3D Graphics Package For The Quantum Infinity App

  •  Over 25 graphics

  •  All embedded with powerful mantras and prayers

  •  Powerful 3D graphics

  •  High end 3D graphics of the human body and more

  •  Graphics encoded with powerful mantras and prayers

  •  A Major Software Upgrade

  •  Improves balancing sessions.

  •  Explore the body with 3D graphics

  •  Stimulates The Visual Healing Capability


VisVibe Mobile App​

A collaboration with VisVibe! A mobile app created for children but ANYONE can use these healing melodies. Simply listen with headphones, your mobile device, or even on the loudspeaker. Sit, and lay down and simply feel your body go into a relaxed, healing state within minutes!


Blending ancient healing sound tones with every day melodies. Our Unique Melodies consist of a series of musical tones designed to stimulate natural brain waves in all different moods through the day. Help boost creativity, build natural sleeping abilities, target specific symptoms and make playtime one of the happiest parts of their day!

With our encoded melody feature, we use scientific based audio tones and frequencies that stimulate natural brain wave patterns, as well as target specific body systems. Your journey with the VVB App will not leave you disappointed.

Insight Essential Oils App

Insight Essential Oil app analyzes your voice using a process called Voice Spectral Analysis to determine energetic disturbances within your body.

These energetic disturbances can be in the form of chakra or meridian imbalances or even spinal energy flow.

Analyze these energetic disturbances and then see how the Young Living Oils may assist the body to heal and self regulate.


Unlock Ancient Healing Codes

Designed to be used with PEMF devices. Unlock Ancient Healing Codes.

A very easy, and efficient way to focus on the importance of self discovery and creating a better you! Depending on what your voice scan discovers, balance from the list below. 

  • Organ Stimulation

  • Balance Nutrition

  • Inner Terrain Cleanse

  • Detox

  • Mindfulness

  • Immune Stimulation

  • Digestive Disturbances

  • Love My Hormones (upper)

  • Love My Hormones (middle)

  • Love My Hormones (lower)

  • Wellbeing

  • Mold & Fungus

  • Brain Pain

  • Higher Consciousness 

  • Full Moon

  • Delta Deep Sleep

  • Upliftment

  • Head Cold

  • Chest Cold

  • Brain Stimulation



This app is designed to support the law of attraction and power of positive thinking! 

Used To Set Your Intention, Spread Spiritual Blessings, & Wellbeing.

The Intention Motivator App is designed to help you clear your blockages and manifest your goals and intentions. Can be used in a clinical setting and at home! 

The process of discovery is safe & gentle, designed to magnify your intentions.

Some refer to our Intention Motivator as a 24/7/365 Digital Prayer Wheel. A huge improvement from the traditional Mani Wheel as used by Tibetan Monks to spread spiritual blessings and wellbeing.