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Quantum Life Training & Support

Quantum Life offers FREE webinars each week for the Quantum Life Community.


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Training Material 

Training and educational needs for the Quantum Infinity, and more!

Quantum Life Educators

Dr. Velvete Womack
PhD In Metaphysics

Velvete Womack, PhD is an intuitive with a keen sense of the quantum self, the self beyond the physical realm. After receiving her PhD in Metaphysics she wrote, "The Emotional Nature of Man and Spirit: A Holistic Government", which is based on her perspective of how to create a holistic government system. As an author, teacher, presenter, and Quantum Biofeedback Specialist, she provides tools and knowledge to empower the lives around her.

Higher Mind, Lower Mind is the foundation of Dr. Velvete's Intuitive Insights Program, which is a program that allows for rapid transformation within an individual. This process allows the individual to have a more whole and happier existence, many times forgetting the negative aspect of the situation all together.

To learn more about Dr. Velvete and/or about her workshops and classes please visit

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