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Tank the Nurse

Tonya Kerrin, RN, BSN, FCCI, LHC DPs. 

Tonya Kerrin was raised in Columbus, Ohio and graduated from Mifflin High School. After graduation, Tonya enlisted in the United States Army as a medic and was stationed in Germany and Fort Campbell Ky. 101st Airborne/Air Assault and served in Operation Desert Storm. She served for 11 1/2 years then came back to Columbus, Ohio to pursue a career in home health care; after going back to school ODU(Ohio Dominican University for Social Work, and then to Chamberlain College of Nursing ). Tonya has her own homecare agency Covenant Home Health Agency LLC which has been in business since 2005.  An illness (GI Bleed) in 2011 caused her to change her life.  Intrigued by the healing she witnessed as a result of using essential Oils, along with natural supplements and changing her lifestyle from nutrition to exercise to her own thoughts. She became convinced that the oils/supplements should play a vital role in her practice as an RN.  To bring it all together, Tonya went on to discover and embrace the Quantum Infinity and the amazing benefits of biofeedback tools! Tonya is a very experienced user and is excited to share her wealth of knowledge and experience! 

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Brenda Judah


Certified Biofeedback Instructor & Specialist

Brenda is the founder and co-owner of Integrity Biofeedback, Inc. and Academy, earning her biofeedback specialist certification through the Natural Therapies Certification Board in the U.S. and Europe and through the College of International Holistic Studies in Canada.   She has spent over eighteen years in the field of energy medicine, working with local medical and integrative practitioners.   


In addition to a successful practice in the Naples and Bonita Springs area, Brenda enjoys training new and experienced practitioners in the field of quantum biofeedback.  As a recognized educator of biofeedback, Brenda provides basic, intermediate, and advanced classes for anyone seeking certification in the field of biofeedback.   As a CBI, she is also a supervisor during the internship of her students, providing ongoing support to practitioners worldwide. 


Prior to starting the company, Brenda was the primary biofeedback practitioner with Alternative Health & Healing Center in Naples, Florida, for three years.  She also served as an Instructor in biofeedback technologies during that time.  Her strong management capabilities were developed from her administrative experience at several profit and non-profit organizations.   

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Sharron Oyer


Certified Biofeedback Instructor & Specialist, Master of Education

Sharron has earned her biofeedback specialist certification with the Natural Therapies Certification Board through the College of International Holistic Studies.  She has spent twelve years in the field of energy medicine.  She comes from an education background having spent ten years in the classroom and three years as Assistant Principal in a local elementary school.   


Sharron has a Master of Education Degree, specializing in curriculum development.   She authored the first LIFE System training manuals recognized by the Natural Therapies Certification Board, College of International Holistic Studies and Quantum Life.  Her manuals are currently used worldwide.  These manuals have helped to bring about the standardization of education in the field of quantum biofeedback.  Sharron has also created manuals for courses taught through Integrity Biofeedback Academy’s education department and is also training L.I.F.E. practitioners worldwide in using biofeedback with children. 


Sharron's specialty is working with children, and her heart is for those with special needs such as ADD/ADHD, Autism, and the emotionally traumatized.