Tanks Quantum Training Package

  • 1 App Scan Assessment (genius or infinity) 

  • How to create a personal panel

  • Advanced Protocol

  • 2 hours (broken down into 30 minute is optional) one on one training via zoom.

Package Price $399 

Intro Special $299

Once Purchased Please Check Your Email 10 - 20 within Minutes For Instructions

Quantum Infinity Training Material

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To make your learning of the iNfinity app less laborious, we are relieved to say the "iNfinity App Proficiency Training" is done!


Monthly Support for iNfinity App Users. 


The program is offered on the 1st Wednesday of each month at 7 PM EST.  This is a GoTo Meeting platform offering visual, as well as, audio instruction.  The meetings are based on the questions provided by you, the practitioner.  Each class is different and will provide you with answers to all your questions regarding the field of quantum biofeedback and the use of the app, as well as, other biofeedback devices.  


This is required for those seeking certification, but the class is open to all users of the iNfinity App, regardless of certification.  This is a strongly recommended class.  


The cost of the class is $240 per the calendar year. All classes are recorded and posted for later viewing or reviewing. Allowing access to the full year of classes no matter when you join the class, join us now. 


For a complete description Click Here

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The Importance and Process of Certification 

Please Watch Video Below

Legalities of Biofeedback 

Genius Insight Training Material

Genius Insight Assessment Session

Take advantage of this great opportunity to be able to discuss with a skilled practitioner at your convenience, and drill deeper into any issues, or get an overall different perspective from a trained professional. Not only will this help guide you but also help you utilize your Genius Insight App to be the most efficient health tool there is!

BONUS: For customers that have NOT purchased the Genius Insight App yet, we will apply this product price towards your payment of the Genius Insight App!

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Understand the Genius in minutes! Finally, a quick and distilled version of what the Genius is and how to use it for maximum benefit! Ariel Policano has 5 years of training people in mobile application based biofeedback software! Learn from experience. I’ve put everything I understand about the Genius into this easy to understand and digest book. It takes the complex topics and makes them easy.

You will also discover that the screens and the items within the screens are defined. I give you the best understanding – and strategies – to inform you about your results and let you know what to do about them. This is one of the best ways to learn the Genius in a short amount of time!

3 Min Quick Start Video

14 Min General Overview

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