Website for Quantum Biofeedback Certification:


1.  Using the Quantum iNfinity professionally in a practice:  Purchase the Quantum iNfinity Proficiency Course as the Pre-requisite to the Quantum Biofeedback Certification and then contact Linda Hill;  Bioenergetics4U for the Certification Program


2.  Using the Quantum iNfinity strictly for Personal Use:  Purchase the Quantum iNfinity Proficiency Course and/or Tonya Kerrin's Quantum iNfinity Training and Education


3.  Continuing CEU's after certification:  Contact Linda HillBioenergetics4USpecial ClassesNew Classes


For more information contact:

Karen Avalon: or call/text: 1 805 708 5683 or toll free:  1 877 711 3233

Linda Hill: or call:  1 630 400 4277

Sharron Oyer: 





Tanks Quantum Training Package

  • 1 App Scan Assessment 

  • How to create a personal panel

  • Advanced Protocol

  • 2 hours (broken down into 30 minute is optional) one on one training via zoom.

Package Price $399 

Intro Special $299

Once Purchased Please Check Your Email 10 - 20 within Minutes For Instructions

Quantum iNfinity Training Manual

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To make your learning of the iNfinity app less laborious, we are relieved to say the "iNfinity App Proficiency Training" is done!


  Integrity Biofeedback Online Classes

All the classes are video power point presentations and include student notes.  They also qualify for Natural Therapies Certification Board CEU credit.

Here's the list of classes: Cost $200 each             Here's the list of seminars available:  Cost $75 each

          Stress for Success                                                   Focusing On ADD / ADHD:  Hyper Active Stress

          Anatomy of Emotions                                            Reacting to Allergies:  Hyper Sensitive Stress

          Principles of Energetic Intervention                     Fortifying Your Immune System:  Hyper Vigilant Stress

          Autism:  The Paradigm Shift Levels 1 and 2

          Digestion Issues:  Follow Your Gut                       Please email Sharron for more information and

          Stress Reduction Techniques                                 to register:

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Anatomy of Emotions.png
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Anatomy of Emotions Page 2.png
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Autism Course.png
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