Customized Panels- Custom Testing/Solution Panels or purchase panel that have been created already. These libraries allow you to test many more things that have been pre-programmed into the software. Examples, Food Allergy Testing, Vitamin & Mineral Packs, Skin Nutrients and so much more. You can import any supplement, any remedy, even affirmations, food, and more.

You can program the libraries using our imprinter plate. This plate will connect with your device and bring in the digital item of the supplement or remedy you want to create a panel for. You can also enter the item holo linguistically. This essentially means that you are typing in the remedy, in order to create it. The software has pre-programmed frequencies that represent letters and words. We have found over the years that holo linguistically created remedies, assessments and affirmations test as well as anything that is digitally imprinted.

Create and build your own database with unlimited frequency capabilities, your own 
Hz frequency remedies.

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Quantum iNfinity Custom Panels

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