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Quantum iNfinity | Software Updates

Increase your efficacy while decreasing your session time!

The Quantum iNfinity is the software upgrade to the original Quantum iNfinity App. The Quantum iNfinity boasts a number of world firsts within the Quantum Biofeedback industry with the introduction of a soliton or stacked wave frequency generator. Below are some of the key features within the Quantum iNfinity software.

Meridians, Chakras, Aura, Emotions, Body Systems, Nutrition, Homeopathy, Phobias, Risks, Sensitivities, Spinal Energy Flow, Spiritual Protection, Toxicity/Stress and brain waves.

  • 1. The Quantum iNfinity takes each frequency item within the current database and generates up to 6 different corresponding amplitudes. Amplitude is measured as the amount of force applied over an area. This allows for deeper penetration of the frequencies; and decreases your session time while increases the effectiveness.

  • 2. Cross Analysis: Imagine comparing 2 powerful databases against one another for a deeper understanding of your's and your clients stress issues! In designing the Quantum iNfinity we wanted to avoid a linear based program while allowing for flexibility and an increase in the analysis capabilities. The Cross Analysis consists of a stand alone database of thousands of energetic signals ranging from homeopathic remedies to essential oils to viruses, bacteria's and more. Any one (or more) of these frequencies can be cross referenced or evaluated against any other frequency within the software to determine resonance or probability. Now you can inter-link and cross evaluate any of the specific frequencies with one another and then provide specific detailed balancing.

  • 3. Harmonic Algorithm: Each and every frequency spectrum selected for balancing will generate a dynamic moving mathematical harmonic algorithm. Have the client focus on these dynamic moving images to better support their visual healing processes.

  • 4. Schumann Resonance: The current iNfinity generates numerous tones at the same time with the development of the multi tone generator we are now able to superimpose or stack numerous frequencies on top of one another. As a result of this remarkable achievement, the schumann resonance field is now present with each and every balancing session.

  • 5. Shaping/ Reward Function: Each time a success of over 85% is achieved with a single balancing session, the client will be stimulated with the 528Hz Solfeggio Love Frequency. Think of this aspect as behavioral counseling. Shaping occurs when a reward is given when a correct response is demonstrated. Translated in terms of the iNfinity, each and every time, following balancing, if the overall rectification is above 85%, you or your client will be stimulated with the 528 Hz Love Frequency. Why the 528Hz Solfeggio Tone? As the Beatles said "All You Need Is Love".

  • 6. Customize Panel: Upload your own database of frequencies with the new customize panel. Have your own product line? No problem! Upload your products and run a SCAN to determine the most beneficial items for your clients. 

  • Have your own frequencies or frequency spectrum? Wanting to conduct some frequency research? No problem! Create your own database with unlimited frequency capabilities.

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