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The RIFE Application is based on bija mantra core frequencies. Quantum Life RIFE Frequencies contains the entire database of all of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife's frequencies as audio signal files.

Quantum Royal Rife App

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  • Insight RIFE app is a subtle RIFE based therapy program. Traditional RIFE Machines generate a very powerful frequency with the intent of destroying the virus or pathogen by applying the principle of RIFE’s Mortal Oscillatory Rate (MOR)

    In nature dolphins have overcome the frequency shift issue with complex holographic vibrational patterns.

    Not surprisingly the same occurs in Sanskrit and other sacred languages in which each phenomena or mantra also codes a geometrical hologram that expands the limited audible spectrum frequency range to higher realms.

    These geometrical patterns seem to be more complex in shape than the ones used by dolphins but they share the same core mechanism closely linked to what we understand by telepathy. We like to call it universal vibrational language (UVL)

     We have combined the best of both worlds in order to generate these vibratory rates that can resonate in the full spectrum using only audible sound tones. We call this a quantum sound shift (QSS)

    With the above said, the Royal Rife App implements both QSS and Sanskrit in the sound generation module. Our apps may not be like a RIFE machine, but there is a tremendous benefit offering by using our app.