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The Quanta Capsule is a standalone app which has the ability to import frequencies from your practitioners Quantum iLife/iNfinity App to allow at home balancing. The Quanta Capsule owner can be halfway around the world and receive immediate help and relief from their Quantum iLife/iNfinity practitioner.

The Quanta Capsule

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$49.00 Regular Price
$29.00Sale Price

    • For those that do not have a Quantum Infinity - this is a perfect tool for in between sessions.
    • This could also be sent to yourself to focus your balancing on one specific area.
    • Very simple to use, simple balancing!
    • Get the relief that your clients are still able to receive treatments without being present with you and your Quantum Infinity.
    • Your own energy medicine prescription.
    • Unlimited healing possibilities. 
    • Build a business by providing new frequencies weekly, and charging for your time!
    • Long Distance Balancing.

    Helpful Tip : Purchase these for your clients and sell to them at your convenience. You will just need to provide us with an email address to assign the capsule to and we will provide your client with the necessary instructions to install and activate this on their device!