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The Relationship Harmonizer is designed using an algorithm that searches for resonances in 4 different tuning systems: Temperate, Harris (4th & 5th) and Solfeggio, the main musical ratios are scanned (octave, 5th, 3rd & 4th).

Quantum Life Relationship Harmonizer

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  • The Relationship Harmonizer app is designed to help and nurture relationships. The app may assist relationships by analyzing the voice of each individual and then applying a mathematical algorithm to determine the Emotional Compatibility and over all resonance between the 2 individuals. The relationship between both parties can be that of lovers, friends, family or even business associates. The compatibility is scored by calculating the voice dissonance between both parties. Once the results are visualized, homeopathic remedies and essential oils will be suggested to help improve the relationship resonance. It is best to apply the Quantum Geo “M” Series harness during the biofeedback session. Each partner will attach a single Geo harness to the radials of the wrist during the session. With the help of the app, and a clear and determined attitude the Relationship app, just may heal your life.