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Import your own products into the Quantum Infinity software. Place any herb, nutrient, supplement or even allergen on the iMprinter test plate and import the energetic signature of this item into the software. Once imported, select SCAN to determine your clients individual reaction to that specific item. 

Quantum Chartes Labyrinth Imprinter & Remedy Maker

$549.00 Regular Price
$400.00Sale Price
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    Test for supplement bio-compatibility
    Import the energetic equivalent of your own herbs, supplements & remedies
    Can be used to create a bio-energetic remedy or homeopathic remedy

    Attaches to any device that has a 3.5 audio jack (like an iPhone or similar product) Allows for bi-directional energy flow which means that vibrational energy can be sent to and from the Chartres Test Plate.

    The Chartres Labyrinth design which is the visible etched pattern design using a copper circuit flow is capable of being electrically activated by any frequency generator.

    The Chartres Labyrinth is uniquely suited to the circuitous flow of energy which amplifies its power many thousand-fold and allows it to generate a shielding field of protection against Miasmic patterns. The electrical current of any combination of frequencies, including music or voice can be designed to flow through the copper pattern etched on a printed circuit board


    To connect the iMprinter to your mobile device, be sure to use your mobile device usb charging cable. Connect your power cable to your device and then plug the USB into the iMprinter USB port.

    Once connected, the iMprinter is "ON"
    There is no ON switch for the Chartes Labyrinth. It is powered from your mobile device (iPad, iPhone or Android Tablet)
    The iMprinter can be ued on the following panels:
    Synergistics Panel to test for biocompatibility
    Library Panels: To create your own libraries with the vibrational essence of any items you place on the test plate.

    You can:

    • Imprint any frequencies from your Quantum Infinity App into a bottle of water or create a tincture or homeopathic remedy.
    • You can imprint frequencies of any remedy or combination of remedies by putting them on the imprinter! You will need to learn about creating customized testing panels. Then, you will know how to import in this exciting way!
    • You can clear food by placing the items on the imprinter and running Solfeggio frequencies and Sacred Geometry.