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Training & Support

Please Click Here for the installation links for the Quantum Life Apps and other support information related to the Quantum iNfinity and Quantum Life Webinars.

Scheduled Training's & Webinar's

Accredited with NTCB (National Therapies Certification Board)

Tapping into the Zero Point Field for Information... Inspiration... Innovation



  • Q & A time for biofeedback system users such as the L.I.F.E. System and iNfinity app

  • Practitioner Interviews (focusing on how their systems are being used effectively, marketing ideas, etc.)

  • Professional Interviews (CEO's of respective companies sharing their vision and goals, special promotion of products, legal issue updates, current health care trends, etc.)

  • Discussion of a recommended book of the month from IBA bookstore (focused on latest scientific discoveries and research as related to biofeedback, connecting to the "zero point" field, etc.)

  • Meetings will be recorded and archived on IBA education website for those who cannot attend live.

  • Also, practitioners who cannot attend live can email their questions to IBA and then access video recording later at their convenience




Platform: "Go To Meeting"

NTCB approved credit: 30 CEUs

Cost for the entire year:

$99 per year (Use the subscribe button below to purchase, and be sure to register for the classes as well. You only have to pay and register once for the calendar year.)


* Allows access to all archived Zero Point Connection video recordings for the subscription year purchased.

Integrity Biofeedback Academy 
iNfinity App Proficiency Training

Course Objective:

This course provides a basic, yet thorough, step by step guide on how to navigate the iLife iNfinity app, whether you are using it personally on yourself, family and friends or with clients/patients. Instruction on every profile within the iNfinity app is included and how to use each one effectively. 
To make your learning of the iNfinity app less laborious, we are relieved to say the"iNfinity App Proficiency Training" is done! 
This 5 hour video recorded course, complete with a 62 page full color manual, is a step by step guide on how to navigate the iNfinity app, whether you are using it personally or professionally!


The course also includes...

  • How to: create customized panels, back up to dropbox, use the cross analysis (the cross analysis list is in the manual!)

  • Why and how the app works and the scientific basis of biofeedback

  • Its benefits

  • Legal guidelines of using it in a professional setting

  • Energy intervention: why and how the iNfintiy app works and the scientific basis for biofeedback

  • The origin of disease and disorders

  • Benefits of the iNfinity app (promotional DVD available for purchase)

  • Legal guidelines of using biofeedback in a professional setting


Course Materials Included in Cost:

Basic Training Manual: Designed by Integrity Biofeedback Academy

Instructor: Brenda Judah, CBS, CBI, SHL (15 plus years of experience using several biofeedback devices, including the iNfinity app with clients and as an NTCB certified biofeedback instructor)

Contact Information: (239) 221-8977 

Cost: $199 
To register: 
Upon receipt of your registration and payment, you will be sent a user name and password to access course recordings and student notes through “Classrooms” tab


Scheduled Training's & Webinar's Certification for the Quantum iNfinity!


We have had many requests about a national board certification for the Quantum iNfinity. Integrity Biofeedback Academy offers the Stress Management Specialist Certification under the Natural Therapies Certification Board for Quantum iNfinity users and practitioners. Brenda Judah and Sharron Oyer are certified biofeedback and stress management instructors with the NTCB both in North America and Europe.

We highly recommend you contact Brenda or Sharron at Integrity Biofeedback Inc. and Academy for more information about the Legalities of Biofeedback and their Certification courses and programs. Email : Phone: (239) 221-8977

Stress Management Certification Program: 
Education website:

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