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Monday morning I woke up with my right hip in a lot of pain due to several brain and spinal injuries, and also in my left foot which was injured almost 14 years ago. After installing the Water Harmonizer, I decided to harmonize a glass of water with ease of discomfort. Within 1/2 hour the pain was much less and kept getting less. By evening all the pain was gone.  The pain stayed away till Tuesday evening in the hip and still no pain in foot. Also, there was less lower back stiffness. Tuesday evening I did Ease of Discomfort and added Divine Alignment. Felt good Wednesday morning. Harmonized Superboost. Felt cold shivers go through my body immediately. This told me I was on the right track. Healing continues.


So now, for the testimony for the Quantum iNfinity;  I had only had the Quantum for two weeks when a lady I know from a long time ago and hadn’t seen for several years gave me a call. She was very ill and had tried everything. She was weak, tired, no energy and had many health issues.  I told her I had this new to me Quantum bio feedback, and would be willing to do it with her. She agreed. I did only the De Vinci screen with her and she immediately felt some changes. Over a period of six weeks, her energy changed dramatically and she began being able to do things that she couldn’t do before. She is now enjoying a full life in her 80s and loves going to senior centers.


What happened Thursday. I went for a very deep therapeutic massage. Lots of work in pelvic and hip area. Been a challenge for a long time because of 2 head and spine injuries and beatings during childhood. That night Ed and I went into spare bedroom so certain apparatuses would not we discussed our future with moving. We sat on the edge of the bed. When we stood up we hugged and then he said it was like I buckled or blacked out and crumpled to the floor hitting my right hip. I was a little dizzy when Ed picked me up. Don’t know if that happened before being on floor or because of whatever happened for me to be on floor. Oh my. I. immediately started working on myself with the Quantum iNfinity and Water Harmonizer and noticed a significant improvement within minutes!

~ Laura S.






My Testimony is in regards to Dem Bones Dem Bones. 
Whenever my right hip flares up I can always kick  out the pain with Dem Bones Dem Bones and always overnight.  It is amazing and one of my most successful panel never failing panelfor me and and a friend of mine!!!   That is why I was wondering about putting it on the Harmonizer as BONES?

Thanks Karen and Dr Lou for our wonderful zoom connections.

~ Carol B.


The first time I ran the Brain Health Panel, within minutes after the 528 Love ❤️ Hertz appeared,  I started experience some Cool, Calm, Collected Vibes in my body.

At first, I didn’t know what it was and what caused it.  By nature, I am nervous, hyperactive and restless 😬.   I got distracted easy and worry non stop almost about everything.

When I ran the Brain Healthy Panel a few more times,  I realize that it stopped all my rushing, non-stop planning running around like a maniac all the times.  I now can relax and take time to pray, to eat, to rest sleep 😴 etc.  

It’s like to have a new life in Divine Will.   I even forget how to worry.  LOL 😂.

Thank you 🙏🏻 so much for all you are doing.  God Blessed.  Fiat. 👌❤️


~ Vicky T.

Dear Margie,  Thank you for using the heavy metal detector and detox panel with my biofeedback session.  I had no idea I had so much heavy metal toxicity!  I am glad I am on this program with you.  Thank you.


~ Bonnie M.

I am so grateful for the Quantum Infinity Life App and the Water Harmonizer app. I have suffered from Neurological Lyme for many years now. The apps have definitely helped me through difficult symptoms and have helped calm my nervous system so I can relax.  I highly recommend getting these apps to improve overall health.

~ Beth W.


I have MS and she is not very friendly to my body. I suffered from chronic, painful muscle spasticity. I was searching for anything that would help. Quantum Infinity was presented to me, which I purchased almost immediately. Dr.Lou made me a custom panel for my muscle spasticity. I was very fearful of letting go of the 4 different prescriptions that I took, 4 times a day just to function. 
3 months into this wellness opportunity and I am no longer spastic. I run my panel every morning for about 5 minutes. In the beginning, I ran the panel overnight and almost constantly. Now I receive the 528 DNA repair stim almost immediately. 
I no longer take the medication 4 times per day, I only take them at bedtime. I can’t explain how this works but I KNOW it WORKS!
Thank you, Karen Avalon and Quantum Infinity. 

~ Danielle M.

Our 8 year old dog, Beau has always had significant allergy issues, constantly scratching, redness, mucous in eyes, hair loss, etc. One evening as he was scratching a lot we decided to run Dr. Lou’s “Seasonal Allergy Panel” and his itchiness seemed greatly improved and months have gone by, he is still doing much better.

J. Martin

I just wanted to say how pleased I am with my purchase of the Quantum iNfinity app , I am amazed at how the Quantum iNfinity supports the body in its healing process and it’s ability to find where the imbalances are in the body and harmonize them, not only does it work for people but you can also use it for pets , as a animal communicator this is a great visual for pet owners to actually see their pets results.

This is the best informative app I have ever bought , all this information from a photograph , and the solfeggio tones to harmonize and re balance the body .

I have used this on my clients and have had great results, including pets too .

Becky W

Tonya is a wealth of knowledge on the Quantum Infinity application as well as many other applications that are available from Quantum-Life. I use my Quantum Infinity almost daily on myself and others and can absolutely attest to its benefits.  

Jordana G

Today my 12 year old labradoodle had some labored breathing after going for a walk. Our air quality has been poor due to fires in our area, it’s so bad here you can see the ashes on the cars and the sunset was red due to the smoke. As soon as we got home from our short walk I ran the quantum life app program on my dog and within 15 mins his breathing was back to normal. I’m so grateful to have this technology. Thank you ❤️

Ruth L

The iNfinity App can easily be used to balance the body.

The iNfinity App can easily be used to balance the body. A balanced body can more readily remain healthy. The iNfinity App is priced within reach for most anyone and training is available with the purchase.

by A Young

This has been a lifesaver!

This has been a life saver! It is easy to use and it is with me wherever I am. I love also how we can have customised panels to use with the program which allows us more depth. I just recently got my matrix IMprinter to do just that. Thank you!!!

by RS

I absolutely love this app...

I absolutely love this app... It's amazing for balancing the energies and is very accurate... My clients always leave smiling... Thanks for the great customer service and always keeping us up to date...

by AV

I am new to the Quantum Infinity but It has changed my life in the best way possible! I know some people are skeptical yet I am a firm believer!  I have used the Energy panel to give myself the energy to get through a long day at work and I feel like the energizer bunny!  I just keep going without getting tired when I use the Dr. Lou's energy panel!


I have also used Dr. Lou's sleep panel, I was a person that could not stay asleep at night and would wake up at 12 or 1:00 and could not fall back to sleep.  I mentioned this to Dr. Lou and he created the sleep panel and boy does it work!  Whoo finally some sleep!  I also have used the digestion panel since I have a gallbladder that doesn't want to work so well and it really helps me process the food better and I don't feel as sick in the tummy after eating!  I really enjoy Tonya's talks on Tuesday explaining all of the panels and how they work together and really get to the real problems you are having!  Tonya's amazing with all of her knowledge with the oils, Dr. Lou is awesome with his knowledge from the medical side, and Karen is just soo knowledge and supportive on everything!  This is a wonderful company and team of great people!  Feeling very blessed to have found them!

Pam E

In March 2020,  I was in critical situation, emergency twice, hospitalized and nursing home for 2 weeks afterward.  In the nursing home,  people with mental issues screaming thru the night... I couldn’t sleep or rest.


God saved me and helps me, sustaining with the Quantum iNfinity and Rife App.  Otherwise,  I wouldn’t be here...God continues to save and help me recovering with your awesome custom panels!


Vicky T

I have been a Quantum-Life user for quite a few years now and am very happy with the results it provides.

While I’m not where I want to be yet, with continued use I’m confident I’ll reach the level of health I’m seeking. (after being thoroughly disillusioned with our mainstream medical system).

Maria B

Thank you!

“I use this everyday on myself and in my pets, it's great for relaxation. Thank you”

by YPM

Amazing Inf. App

I am so grateful for my Amazing Inf. App. I use this everyday on myself or one of my clients

by Vinayak

I love quantum infinity.

I love quantum infinity also. We are truly blessed that you are sharing your extreme knowledge with us. God bless you.

by Shirley Schwerdtfeger DeCuir

The Quantum Infinity works great! Thanks to Karen for developing this wonderful Biofeedback tool to help us regain balance and alignment in our bodies. I have learned so much from the Quantum classes taught by Tonya,Tank the Nurse on how to run the different panels in very beneficial ways.And thanks also to Dr Lou for teaching us on Frequency Fridays and offering free panels each week.I have been having persistent digestive problems since having my gallbladder removed and his Digestive Support Panel has truly helped me so much! The Quantum Infinity App will change your life!! 

Tammy M.

I have never experienced the amount of help and support from ANY company before in my life! The quantum-life device is so helpful and I am honored to be able to be on FREE webinars which are conducted by very knowledgeable and patient practitioners like Dr. Lou and Nurse Tonya who give up their time to make sure we have been given so much.  Thank you so much Karen and staff!

Joyce O

I have scar tissue and inflamation which the Doc says i have arthritis in the knees. Anyway since using the scar tissue and bone support panels it had done wonders to really help out my knees. They are much better and I can dig potatoes and carrots etc with pushing the fork down with my feet which would of regularly been in severe pain and wouldn't be able to hardly walk as it would trigger or ititate that inflamation in the knees. I am much better in traveling in the car. As normally i would of had very stiff knees trying to get out of the vehicle. But as i said they are improving alot which is exciting to know i can keep using the panels and keep seeing results.

Thanks for caring to help make our health better.

Marilyn L

I love it!

This is a GREAT App! I Always feel good after I use it....Used it recently while traveling and it worked really well to help keep me feeling healthy throughout the trip! It's is easy to use and so portable! I love it!

by JG

Thank you for this fabulous tool.

There are NO limits in describing the impact the Quantum Infinity App can enrich ones life. As a lay person this App is the BEST investment I have ever made for my well being. Besides the Apps unlimited potential are the numerous free trainings that guide you step by step through the process of using it on the web site and on YouTube, to name a few. 
The Quantum Infinity App is a marvel of outside the box genius in the palm of your hand, ready to help you, your family and friends in ways you cannot imagine! It has enriched my life immensely.

by NC Pittsburgh, PA


Congratulations Congratulations Congratulations, the team that has struggled and the like will not stop there, and that boys there when participating in a group of intelligent people you not only acquire the same qualities as this group grows with this same team of Quantum life is not only what can be 100% or they go beyond and not far beyond efforts to measure the improvement and quality of its products and once again CONGRATULATIONS.

by Luky Vj 


have been in the field of biofeedback for years and have seen people get phenomenal results from stress relief and pain management. The technology has caught up in size and application and this new app goes with me anywhere. I could feel it working on the first application. You guys have a winner.

by John Sargant 


Quantum Life app for the go! I will be able to assist anyone, anytime, anywhere! What a fabulous tool for the practitioner on-the-go!


by Lisa Murphy 

I want you to know that I LOVE the Quantum iNfinity and use it extensively on myself and others with great success.

Joyce O

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