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The Quantum iNfinity App

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Quantum iNfinity Software


Instantly analyzes your health based on your unique voice signature, then through biofeedback principles balances your body to achieve optimal health. Displays percentage rectification after each and every therapy.

Rich high end graphic interface comprising of the following panels:

Brain wave analysis and monitoring, cross analysis database testing (compare any 2 separate items against one another), add your own remedies, test supplement bio-compatibility, emotional profiling, nutrition, homeopathy, body systems analysis, toxicity/stress, spinal energy flow, risk profile analysis, chakra and aura analysis, TCM meridian scan, sensitivities (food/environmental), phobia balancing, healing solfeggio tones, spiritual protection, sacred geometry and more.

The iNfinity app is designed for simplicity of use.

  • The iNfinity app relies on years of research conducted in the field of bio-energetic and bio-response medicine.

  • Obtains a response to energetic stressors in seconds

  • Indications in multiple wellness panels

  • Measures amperage, voltage, capacitance, and resistance.


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What is the Quantum Infinity App?

The iNfinity app is a quantum biofeedback device which uses a sophisticated software and wave generator to provide the body’s energy field with a healthy vibration that supports and stimulates the body’s own healing mechanisms to engage and create an environment of health. 

Transform your iPhone, iPad or Android into a premier biofeedback device. The Quantum iNfinity Mobile app is reshaping Biofeedback with state-of-the-art interactive software. 

A perfect entry tool for the Eductor, Qxci, SCIO, Indigo, Life System modalities. Designed for both existing biofeedback practitioners and for the consumer interested in Biofeedback.

Enjoy Balancing On The Go.

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How Does It Work?

We all knew it was only a matter of time before Quantum wellness technology found its way into the iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices. Imagine a small hand held device that can analyze your wellness and then 'tone' your body with energetic signatures & frequencies using your mobile device?

"For many years, we wanted to create a truly revolutionary product. A product that would benefit both practitioner and consumer. We did not want to play the same game and develop a $15 000 usd Quantum Device. Instead, we wanted to create an 'event'. An event that would alter the course of the Quantum industry. It is our hope The Quantum iNfinity will be accessible on a much wider scale." says Karen, founder of Quantum Life LLC.

After the initial scan, The Quantum iNfinity selects three major items to balance for up to 16 min each. After the three major items have been balanced, you can visit the sub programs for more detailed information on your clients' current state of health as it relates to stress.


The Quantum iNfinity analyzes the human body based upon their unique voice imprint.


The Quantum iNfinity balances the body using audible sound tones and electromagnetic frequencies.


The Quantum iNfinity Compares your voice analysis against a database of thousands of energetic signatures, looking for probabilities of disturbance. Then gives you an overall score on how well the balancing session went.

The Quantum iNfinity, like other quantum devices provides information not readily accessible with other modalities. It should complement your existing expertise while offering different "snippets of information" about your client. Often, when using the Quantum iNfinity the "Ahh, now why didn't I think of that before" moment is experienced.

The Quantum iNfinity allows you to gain insight into your client's current state of health and then corrects these energetic disturbances using powerful energetic tones and signatures real time.

How It Works
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