Quantum Scalar Wave Laser


  • 16 diode cold laser with advanced Pulsar probe technology
  • Revolutionary Scalar Wave Technology
  • Organic natural sine wave generation
  • Violet crystal low level laser light technology

With an FDA Over The Counter (OTC) clearance, Quantum Wave Lasers have a product that is quite literally making waves in the Quantum Community!

The Scalar Wave Laser is the first truly Quantum Laser System made possible by a unique and patent pending scalar wave technology.

The Scalar Wave Laser uses the newest cold laser technology & advanced quantum features. To support you, the company offers free next day shipping and DVD training, a fantastic Quantum Referral opportunity, financing and all the help you need to help get you up and running.

What are Scalar Waves?

Scalar waves are revolutionary neutral waves of energy. They do not have polarity and therefore do not travel in a linear fashion from past to present. They are a unified field energy which is a technically a non quantifiable state of energy which makes up the entire universe. This is a revolutionary approach to low level laser light technology.

We have researched various Low Level Laser devices over the years and have never felt inclined to involve ourselves in the sales and distribution, until now! The Quantum Wave Laser is priced well below the competitive brands and offers some remarkable features!

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July 2012 Specials

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$3,500 $350 $114

Laser Package
Laser + Red Probe

$5,100 Infra-Red
$1,600 $510 $164

Vio Package
Laser + Violet Probe

$6,495 Red AND
IR Prove
$3,200 $650 $208

Full Set
Laser + All 3 Probes

$9,695 Laser $3,495 $970 $309

Family/Prac Pack
2 Lasers + All 3 Probes

$13,195 All 3
$6,195 $1,320 $419

Red 650mm/100mw

$1,600 $160 $54

Infra-Red 780nm/100mw

$1,600 $160 $54

Violet 450nm/100mw

$2,995 $300 $98
U.S & CANADA ONLY. *Revolving Account 36 mo's. ** Includes $100 Processing Fee from Finance Co.

The full scalar package is like owning a cluster type Q1000 Laser, an Infrared type ML830 Laser and a red laser spectrum Erchonia Laser, ALL for one reasonable price. Now you can take healing, rehabilitation, & cellular transformation to the next level with the latest and greatest combination of light and multi-therapeutic frequency medicine.

Features & Benefits

Digital lasers are more efficient, more effective, more powerful and more functional. The Quantum Wave Laser is packed with hundreds of frequencies, user programmability and capabilities that were previously unimaginable, even in lasers that cost in excess of $30,000.

The medical implications are enormous. By just reversing the damaged cells back to a previous physical state, this gives a physics mechanism for controlled cellular de-differentiation, in biology terms. Physicians will time-reverse diseased, damaged or aged cells back to an earlier healthy condition, including all the cellular genetics. Normal cells are just reversed to a slightly younger condition.

Tom Bearden

My vision of healing with the sacred union of light, color and vibration is now manifest in the Stellar Laser. My amazing results: totally pain and stress free in a state of bliss and universal connection. I continue to feel and see regeneration in every cell of my body!

Joy Horton

I want to let you know that after just one session under your care, the intense low back pain I've experienced for the past 2 weeks is virtually gone. I now feel relieved, rejuvenated, energetic and left wanting more light permeating my body. IT WORKS. I am referring all my friends and family to your therapy ~ why suffer a second longer than one has to!

Tara Grace

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Scalar Laser

Scalar Laser

The Scalar Laser is our main cold laser model. It has 16 laser diodes in the 650nm or red spectrum, and in the 780nm or infra red spectrum. We also include violet LED's or high powered narrow beam width LED's to help soften the light.




The Pulsars are plug in probes which are designed to work with and be driven by anyone of the main units mentioned above. Each of these probes comes in an aluminum cylinder case with a plug in wire which then goes to the main unit. All power, frequency and wave structure comes from the main unit.




The viopulsar is a revolutionary and first of its kind violet laser diode probe. It uses proprietary Scalar Wave Technology along with a 70 mw violet laser diode.

Family Scalar Laser Set

Family Scalar Laser Set

The Family Scalar Laser Set is designed for families, wellness centers and communities. This set comes with two Scalar Lasers and one of each of the Pulsars and the Viopulsar. Having two of the Scalar Laser main units provides the opportunity to use multiple lasers simultaneously and to share the laser amongst friends and families.



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