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Serina's Support for Reverse Degeneration Custom Panel

Serina's Support for Reverse Degeneration Custom Panel


Serina has created several Custom Panels, with Dr Lou's guidance and this one is specifically focused on self healing and reversing degeneration of the brain.  Using the Quantum Field to invoke the innate intelligence to address imbalances in a very powerful process.  This Custom Panel works with the innate intelligence to reverse effects of ageing and renew pathways, leading to self regeneration.

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Marilyn Lamoureux

Love It!

Custom Panel Testimonial

I have a testimony regarding my knees. I have scar tissue and inflammation which the Doc says i have arthritis in the knees. Anyway since using the scar tissue and bone support panels it had done wonders to really help out my knees. They are much better and I can dig potatoes and carrots etc with pushing the fork down with my feet which would of regularly been in severe pain and wouldn't be able to hardly walk as it would trigger or irritate that inflammation in the knees. I am much better in traveling in the car. As normally i would of had very stiff knees trying to get out of the vehicle. But as i said they are improving a lot which is exciting to know i can keep using the panels and keep seeing results.

Thanks for caring to help make our health better.