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Apps : Quantum Infinity, 3D Graphics, Royal Rife, Relationship harmonizer, Quanta capsule, water harmonizer.

Hardware : Geo power straps, Chartres Imprinter Remedy Maker.

Panels : Skin Nutrition, Food Sensitivities, Gastrointestinal Assessment, Autoimmune Assessment, Cold & Flu Panel!


Proficiency Training Included.


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Quantum Success Package

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  • Our Flagship Product

    On The Go Quantum Balancing with The Quantum iNfinity Mobile App. Works on all iOS and Android devices. Determines your energetic disturbances by analyzing the voice and then provides corrective feedback using sacred energetic tones and signatures. Over 20 wellness panels to choose from and thousands of frequencies available. Includes the ability to create, manage and export customized libraries of frequencies. Long distance sessions use The Schuman Resonance field as the carrier wave.

    Using your unique voice signature, with biofeedback principles the Quantum Infinity App, balances your body to achieve optimal health. Great feature : displays percentage rectification after each and every therapy!

    Rich high end graphic interface comprising of the following panels:

    Brain wave analysis and monitoring, cross analysis database testing (compare any 2 separate items against one another), add your own remedies, test supplement bio-compatibility, emotional profiling, nutrition, homeopathy, body systems analysis, toxicity/stress, spinal energy flow, risk profile analysis, chakra and aura analysis, TCM meridian scan, sensitivities (food/environmental), phobia balancing, healing solfeggio tones, spiritual protection, sacred geometry and more.