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The Biomat Package is perfect for home or professional treatment. It is known for delivering deep penetrating far infrared heat to specific areas of the body. It does not have to be used on a flat surface. Some users enjoy using the Biomat Mini in combination with the larger Biomat sizes which work underneath the body on a flat surface. With the combination, it is possible to cover both top and bottom of any area of the body.

20″ by 33″ surface covered in alternating channels of amethyst and tourmaline crystals. Biomat Mini delivers the same type of far infrared and negative ion therapy as the larger Biomat sizes. A Biomat Mini is an investment in an FDA Registered, and ISO Certified, medical device.


Included with Purchase of Biomat Mini:

Biomat Mini comes with a hard-shell travel bag and a Biomat Cotton Pad. The 100% cotton pad is designed by the makers of Biomat to improve the experience and effectiveness of Biomat by reducing the experience of heat on skin contact without reducing the benefits of far infrared or negative ion generation. The Biomat should always be used with one of its 100% cotton pads. Order an Extra Biomat Cotton Pad here.



Our Flagship Product

On The Go Quantum Balancing with The Quantum iLife/iNfinity Mobile App. Works on all iOS and Android devices. Determines your energetic disturbances by analyzing the voice and then provides corrective feedback using sacred energetic tones and signatures. Over 20 wellness panels to choose from and thousands of frequencies available. Includes the ability to create, manage and export customized libraries of frequencies. Long distance sessions use The Schuman Resonance field as the carrier wave.

Limited Special - Biomat & Infinity Combo ~ Perfect Duo

$1,697.00 Regular Price
$1,499.00Sale Price