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Heart & Hands
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Let’s please send the Light and healing energy to all inhabitants of Australia


"Essentially, as those who love and care we can pray for exactly what we want to change and happen for the highest good of all concerned. Our creative imagination is a powerful instrument for change so that what we visualize, picture, and see happening serves to effect results. Words are also powerful. Imagine and state the end results that would serve the most including whatever is needed for the process leading to the intended outcomes. Imagine and state exactly what is needed such as people are helping one another be safe and consoled, the winds become still, the fires stop. This works for all the elements involved such as animals, plants, air, water, earth. 


Send email to with your serial number to redeem this for FREE - Mention 'Australia Panel' in the email please.


In order to export you your panel we will need your serial number from your Quantum Infinity App. I will include a video below on how to do that :

All Wildlife, Animals, Habitats, Land & Humans from the fires in Australia