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What is Human Design?
What a magnificent AWARENESS tool! Human Design System opens up the secret door to your magnificence, your abilities,  keys to living. Tools are provided to how you think, what energies you may be empathic too, where to go when you need clarification, and how to find the “zone” to make your best decisions and choices.  Understanding your design gives you a path to success and love and joy.

You are UNIQUE!  
It is like a prototype, a “life design”  because you are you, different than anyone else. I am constantly amazed at how unique each person is, how complex, among the billions on this planet.   Have you found an exact match of who you are? Maybe it is true, we all come in to occupy a unique place here, to bring even the simplest gifts, by being who we are. Each expression of kindness is that achievement, each unique expression of humor, of creativity, with different modes of interaction making up the perfect universe.

How are these Ancient Wisdoms Intertwined in Human Design?
The 64 hexagrams from the ancient wisdoms of the I Ching were defined keeping in mind the progression of nature’s seasons. Human Design adds the layers of Astrology, also progressing through seasons, and location of planets. Placed on the tree of life of the Kabbalah and incorporating the Chakras, it is extraordinary.  Using astrology, there is an additional interpretation of your unconscious astrological chart which adds a dimension unseen anywhere else. The poetic beauty of the I Ching is incorporated in its essence by the way that Chetan Parkyn has interpreted this system. The exploration of neutrino physics and genetic science gives us the possibility that this magnificent universe is reflected in multiple repeated gorgeous metaphors has ways to unfold the mystery.

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