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The latest in Quantum Biofeedback

The Genius Insight is new to us at Quantum Life. This is a Insight Health Apps developed product. The Genius Insight has a more advanced program however it is similar to the Quantum Infinity App. We wanted to offer this app on our website so customers have choices. Being that the The Genius Insight has a much higher price point than the Quantum Infinity, it is after all a vast machine with 30 more wellness panels!


Dive deeper and shape your world through the power of frequency. Providing you with the tools to discover self-evaluation and self-discovery. This technology works through entraining these frequencies into your own energetic field. 

The Genius Insight App has the amazing ability to balance all of these areas by feeding back the frequency that your body needs. From the balancing, we may experience shifts in other areas. 


 The Genius Insight utilizes VOICE SPECTRAL ANALYSIS to compare your voice imprint (what your vibrating at) against a database of thousands and thousands of energetic signatures, looking for probabilities of disturbance. The results are easily categorized and displayed from a high reaction down to a low reaction. The higher the reaction the more the cause of disturbance. These are the items you should pay close attention to and investigate further.


The Genius Insight does not override your body's own natural defense system. We want to stimulate the body at a subtle level to "kick start" the body to start its own self healing process.

Sum up....

The way it works is essentially the ability to assess your vibrational frequency. Using voice analysis, your picture and your date of birth. This assessed frequency is then compared to other frequencies that have been programmed into the software. The result of this comparison is a score. Certain scores indicate reactivity. These reactivity scores are generally below 100 and above 600. Reactivity tells us that there is some degree of disharmony between the person doing a session and the frequency it is being compared against.

Genius Insight Monthly Subscription Only $97 Per Month

Installment plans available with as little as $99 Down! Email Here

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  • Basic Scan Feature

  • Identifying Wellness Markers

  • Customize your sound tones

  • Customize Additional Libraries 

  • Built in live support chat

  • Quick Zap Tray

  • Main Hold Tray

  • Progressive Insights

  • Functional Zones              

  • Psychogenic Zone

  • Immune Zone

  • Biochemical Zone

  • Tissue regulation Zone

  • Microorganism Zone

  • Neuro Remedy

  • Entangled Insights

  • Enhanced Layering Technology

  • Guided Imagery

Body Panel 

  • Glands

  • Sensitivities              

  • Herbs

  • Infection Energetic

  • Spinal Energy

  • Digestion

  • Chemical Sensitivities

  • Body Systems

  • Amino Acids

  • Electrical Sensitivities

  • Hormones

  • Today's Stress

  • Vitamins

  • Organs

  • Minerals

  • Essential Oils


  • Solfeggio Tones

  • Meridians              

  • Chakra

  • Nogier

  • Aura

  • Sacred Geometry

  • Spiritual Protection


  • Brain EEG

  • Neurotransmitters              

  • Emotional

  • Brain Anatomy

  • Bach Flower Essences

Understanding Biofeedback & Quantum Biofeedback

Quantum Biofeedback evokes a response from the body by subjecting the body to an external electrical stimulus, then measuring how the body responds or reacts to this stimulus.

The basic premise of Quantum Biofeedback is that everything is in a natural state of vibration.

Our Expectations

Your Expectations

The Reality



  • Saves you thousands with unnecessary tests. Keep your testing in-house ~ right where they belong!

  • Do a "before" & "after" aura analysis. Visualize your Chakra imbalances! Discover what today's risks are & why your energy levels are so low.

  • Are you on an emotional roller-coaster? Will you allow the Genius to balance your emotions?

  • Back pain? Increase your spinal energy flow.

  • Balance your meridians and access our electro-acupuncture program ~ all with the tap of a button.

  • Excess weight gain? Digestive issues? Dry or oily skin? Discover the foods which might be contributing to your stress.

  • The Genius Insight App is truly a revolutionary device that simply has to be experienced.

$500 Savings on Bonus App! FREE!

  • 3D Graphics Package - Turn On/Off rich high end animations of the human body stimulating your visual healing capabilities.

  • Royal RIFE App - Separate app containing all of Dr. Royal RIFE'S Frequencies. Generates audio tones to help the body heal naturally.

  • Insight Quanta Cap Easily export your Genius Frequencies to anyone in need. Create a customized treatment for your clients own device.

  • Water Harmonizer Energetically restructures H20 using ancient Solfeggio Healing Tones & Kaleidoscopic Fractal animations

Installment plans available with as little as $99 Down! Email Here

Sign Up For A FREE 15 Day Trial
No payment information needed

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