life System Training Philosophy

Our Training Philosophy

Having represented quantum biofeedback devices for close to 13 years now, Quantum Life truly understands the needs of the practitioner. We are dedicated to providing training in the most affordable manner possible. Where possible, Quantum Life will utilize internet based resources for the benefit of the practitioners.

We offer training in the following formats:

Individual one on one training with a certified LIFE Systems trainer (at an extra cost) Training seminars in a group environment (3 days in duration) FREE with LIFE System purchase (Value $1295) Offered in The USA and Canada every 4 to 6 weeks.

Annual bio energetic symposium (Typically December) Online Webinars, practitioner conference call ins, knowledge base, FAQ's, message boards and more still to come.

We recognize your need for expert training in the filed of bio resonance and biofeedback.
We recognize your need for both basic and advanced training with The LIFE System.
We recognize your need for accredited certification and a standardized training format.

However... we also recognize the prohibitive costs of training.

Unlike the other bio energetic technology available The LIFE System is extremely simple to use. Our practitioners are "up and running" in a couple of weeks rather than 6 months later.

Our training therefore requires less "man hours" before proficiency is achieved. Our online training and support features are unrivalled in today's marketplace! A great way to be trained without the costly travel expenses.

Our partnership with the esteemed CIHS provides the training format for all LIFE System practitioners.

CIHS offers personal and professional training in Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Herbal Medicine, Natural Medicine, Nutrition, Spiritual Healing, and Quantum Energy Medicine. We invite you to join us in experiencing the depth and richness of these holistic disciplines.

Home versus Professional Use

When making your investment you will need to decide if you are purchasing this for your own personal use or if you are in a practice environment or plan to open a "fee for service" operation.

The great news is that Quantum Life offers training for both the home user and for the already existing practitioner.

Professional Use

Professional Use

If you already have existing qualifications your education pathway will be shortened. In fact as a Licenced Practitioner you may have already jumped through the hoops for Biofeedback Certification and you may only require some hands on training with your equipment.

Our association with the accredited College Of International Holistic Studies will provide you with the step by step requirements to ensure you comply with biofeedback certification standards while also providing you with the best training on your equipment.

As a Licenced Practitioner you may only require the hands on training to begin integrating your equipment into your practice. However it is always advisable to ask your certification board if biofeedback is considered within your scope of practice.

Home Use

Home Use

We have many users who decide to purchase the equipment for their own personal use only to find that the demand for this type of biofeedback Stress Response is so overwhelming they decide to go into practice.

Again we offer the pathways to success to ensure not only that the "home user" becomes duly qualified and accredited with the biofeedback certification board but to also ensure they get the best from their equipment.

In fact we have found in the past that the "home user" can become quite a remarkable practitioner as their natural interest in Complementary and Alternative Medicine provides them with a perfect platform for their new career. Many are surprised to find themselves 1 year down the line, earning in excess of $100 per hour.

Our training and certification program is provided by the top instructors in the field and upon completion we offer a Biofeedback Supervision facility. Professional help is just a call away! Professional liability and public liability insurance is available through our Certification programs. We also offer free marketing advice on how to build your practice!

Biofeedback Certification

Certified Biofeedback Technician - CBT

Certified Biofeedback Technician - CBT

Certified Biofeedback Technician Overview

The CIHS Certified BioFeedback Technician program is designed to meet biofeedback certification requirements.


Level One Training is therefore included with your purchase and taught by The College of International Holistic Studies in North America. World wide instructors offer both hands on training as well as web based training to suit your needs.

Please contact us to find your local distributor. For all USA and Canadian purchasers the esteemed College of International Holistic Studies CIHS is the only authorized training body for LIFE System basic training.

CIHS is an accredited Educational Institution and College with the Federal and Provincial Canadian governments and its Education is also recognized in the US by various accredited Boards.


In The USA and Canada at the conclusion of training, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion as a Biofeedback Technician. This education has a value of $1,295.00 US (included with your LIFE System Purchase)

The training for the USA and Canada will include 2 online training courses available immediately upon receipt of the device and 3 full days of in-person training. The live training will be made available every 6 to 8 weeks, and dates, times and places will be posted on this website.

Other Training Possibilities:


3 Full days of hands on training is included in your purchase price of The LIFE System. Uppon completion of this training we offer regular intermediate and advanced topic specific training. Our annual symposium is an absolute must!

Weekly Support

Not only does CIHS offer FREE Weekly support calls we also offer weekly support calls to further your learning and understanding with The LIFE System. Online support is provided by a "Webinar" type service where you see the presenters screen and hear their voice via the internet.

CIHS also offers a Continuing Education series of 2 lectures per month using our Virtual Classroom for an amazing priceof $50 US. This is by subscription only. Students gain valuable knowledge as they directly engage with the presenter regarding their questions about The LIFE System biofeedback system.

Current LIFE System Biofeedback Modules

The College of International Holistic Studies seeks to help you expand your understanding of the LIFE system. As a result, CIHS is offering a variety of 1 ½ hour lectures on the LIFE system based upon your desire of deeper knowledge of specific screens.

We have created lectures on the Brain, Homotoxicology, Miasms,Allergies, 4 underlying causes of illness and many more. The price of eachlecture is $39 US. Included is a PDF Power Point used to teach studentsparticipating in the lecture and audio /video screen capture. Once purchased, viewers have unlimited viewingof the presentation through the CIHS Virtual Classroom.

These mini courses will also qualify for CEU's in many cases. Do not miss this wonderful opportunity to get involved and go deeper with your LIFE system.