Biofeedback Certification: Sophisticated yet simple

Biofeedback Certification: Sophisticated yet simple!

Elegant yet flawless

The Quantum iLife/iNfinity was designed for the end user in mind ~ easy to use & operate with an extremely detailed built in user manual. We also have a dedicated training website offering FREE Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced based training here. We also archive all of our online trainings and webinars for your review. Get connected with our weekly FREE trainings and webinars hosted by experts in the Quantum iLife/iNfinity field. Get your questions answered, listen to our Quantum Grand Masters discuss protocols, panels and more. Also get feedback from our fast growing community. To jump on a FREE weekly training please visit here to register.

Quantum iLife/iNfinity Training 101

Detailed instructions on each and every panel with our in-depth Quantum 101 training document. This lays down a superb foundation for each and every panel regardless of skill, experience or practice speciality.

Our Forever FREE Guarantee

Developing software on mobile device platforms offers many advantages with one of them being less development time & associated costs. Our philosophy is the "Forever Free" guarantee with software upgrades. Software release is via email notification with a simple step by step install process. We also offer FREE remote installation service for our non techy users!

Biofeedback Certification

There are numerous Biofeedback Certification Schools out there, offering certification in Biofeedback and Quantum Biofeedback, regardless of the biofeedback product you own or intend to own. A certification in biofeedback is not dependant upon the equipment you operate but rather the knowledge and understanding of biofeedback principles. Should you wish to explore biofeedback certification please click here for more information.

Online ~ Social Media

We have a wonderful resource on FaceBook loaded with all our training resources and support materials as well as "our iLife/iNfinity community" If you utilize FaceBook then please visit us ( and "Like us" Don't have a FaceBook Account? Not to worry, our emails contain all vital information and updated training details and locations. We know FaceBook is not for everyone.